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Achilles JQS Registration

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2. JQS codes Appendix Drilling Tools and retrievable Production Tools 1.1.3 Production String Components 1.1.10 Down Hole Pressure Control Equipment 1.1.16 Control Valves and Accessories 2.2.3 Drilling / Completion Engineering Services 3.1.8 Engineering (R&D) Services 3.3.1 Fracturating Services 3.4.34 Machining Services (in situ and general machining) 3.5.23 61258 Supplier Id ENTECH SOLUTIONS AS Company 02.11.2020 Expiry date

1. Awarded to ENTECH SOLUTIONS AS Company Registration number: 919 166 460 Achilles Id: 61258 Achilles Information AS hereby confirms that ENTECH SOLUTIONS AS is Qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark. The Qualification concerns the product and service codes listed in the appendix. Certificate of Qualification Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark Anja Thorsdalen Atle Gjertsen Achilles Information AS Operation Manager Sector Manager, Oil & Gas Achilles Information AS The participating Oil Companies and Main Contractors may use Achilles JQS as the basis for preparation of bidder lists directly or together with additional qualification criteria established by the individual Company. Other qualification stages may be added by the individual Company if more information is found necessary to complete preparation of bidder lists. 17.10.2019 Issued date 02.11.2020 Expiry date


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