Fantom Animation Published!

Use the Fantom PSD to run and set packers
March 29, 2019 by
Fantom Animation Published!
Entech Solutions AS, Anthony Kent

Our new animation shows Entech's patented shatter glass technology employed as a packer setting device ("PSD")... one of the many ways that Fantom Completion Accessories are customized to suit your application, enabling faster and safer completion operations.


Installed just below the production packer, the Fantom PSD provides pressure integrity for packer setting and tubing tests.

The best tools on the market...

...are the tools that offer functionality you need and want without having to worry or even think about them. Fantom Completion Accessories do just that. Entech's unique product design methodology starts with a complete understanding of customer needs and wants. We ask customers not only "What functionality is required?", but also "What would make their life easier?" Only then do we frame our design criteria and challenge ourselves on "How can this be done faster/safer/cheaper/more reliably?". The result is a product line that suits a wide variety of applications while delivering critical functionality.

Simple, robust, cost effective

Fantom Completion Accessories include the absolute minimum number of moving parts. For example, the Fantom AIC has zero moving parts and can replace middle-completion sliding sleeves or serve as a single-shot production valve. A reduction in moving parts means more robust and reliable tools at unmatched price points.

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Fantom Completion Accessories come in sizes ranging from 2-3/8" to 7-3/4" and provide critical functionality in a wide variety of applications: 

  • Packer setting

  • Fluid displacement

  • Underbalance/surge tools

  • Tubing test tools

  • Temporary barriers

Glass differential ratings up to 10kpsi and tool body ratings that match threaded connections make Fantom suitable for any environment.

Activation methods

Three options for the activation method ensure your Fantom tool is unaffected by any preceding activities: 

  • Mill/Spear Open - drop a bar or break with a mill/spear

  • Shear Open - pressure up to a preset activation pressure

  • Cycle Open - test your completion to the full pressure rating, then reapply lower pressure cycles to activate the Fantom tool

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Fantom Animation Published!
Entech Solutions AS, Anthony Kent March 29, 2019
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