An easy to manage Quality Management System is key to be a competitive and successful player in the energy industry.


Establishing the company, it was clear that one of the first things needed was a strong foundation to build our business upon. The first thing we did after finishing our business strategy document was to start building our QMS in accordance to ISO 9001:2015 and in compliance with API Q1 9th edition.

We are now certified to:

ISO 9001:2015 »

JQS/Achilles »

The leadership team shall ensure compliance to
all relevant rules and regulations.

Kenneth Tunes, Chief Executive Officer



Our Values 

Creativity, Competence, Results, Fun

Our Goal  

Meet Expectations

Policy Statement

Deliver superior value to our stakeholders through new technology and having fun while doing it.



  • Understand customer and market needs

  • Promote idea generation

  • Implement unbiased evaluation and screening of ideas

  • Accurately forecast project costs and schedules

  • Honestly communicate the value proposition and risks

  • Bring technology to market according to the approved              commercialization plan

  • Measure performance and continuously improve processes to deliver superior value