Being in the energy industry for many years, HSE is in our blood and embedded in everything we do.


We are in this to be nothing but successful. The only way of achieving that in the long run is to incorporate HSE in all activities on all levels. We care about how we impact others' lives through maintaining health, safety and the environment. Act safe and be safe always!


Our Values

Creativity, Competence, Results, Fun

Policy Statement

Promote a safe, healthy and fun working environment

  • Be honest and care for each other's well-beeing

  • Be compliant to relevant rules and regulations

  • Minimize our negative impact to the environment

  • Identify and manage hazards and risks in the workplace

  • Record all near-misses and accidents

  • Continously improve by implementing corrective actions

  • Promote emploee involvement through actively seeking feedbac

  • Promote an incident-free workplace