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Bossa Nova™

While the industry dreams of an unlimited-zone, pure-electric completion system for its flexibility and modularity, the enabling technology is 7-10 years from reaching the performance and reliability of hydraulic systems. 

Bossa Nova™ fills the gap in near term with field-proven componentry to deliver enhanced life-of-well production optimization.

Only 3 control lines


Unlimited zone count

Time-tested, field-proven ICVs



Some of the world’s largest oil reserves exist in offshore pre-salt fields. Pre-salt reservoirs can produce commercially viable rates, but topside handling capabilities are limited. Remotely-operated flow control to prevent water and gas breakthrough is critical to the operator’s bottom line. Reliable compartmentalization enables controlled commingling of stacked pay, which reduces the well count necessary for field development.


Shale oil has captivated the service industry of late; however, massive conventional fields are still in need of completion technology that measures up to extended-reach drilling capability. Highly granular conformance control mitigates the effects of subsurface uncertainties and natural fractures, especially in water- or gas-flooded reservoirs.

The Challenge

Hydraulic Systems

Existing hydraulic systems are limited by the number of hydraulic control lines that can penetrate the tubing hanger, which results in a limitation to the number of zones the system can control independently

Electro-Hydraulic & Electric Systems

Electro-hydraulic and pure-electric systems share the inherent temperature and durability limitations associated with downhole electronics.



Bossa Nova™ Scope

Bossa Nova™ captures the functional capabilities of pure-electric and electro-hydraulic systems with the reliability and performance of tried-and-true hydraulics. Plug-and-play zone subassemblies remove human factor risk from the deployment operation.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Entech is partnering with leading technology vendors to offer a full-package completion system that can be retro-fitted to existing subsea or dry tree production facilities, or customized for future developments. Our project team covers the following scope:

  • Upper and lower completion hardware

  • Bossa Nova™ control architecture 

  • Subsea power and comms (when applicable)

  • Topside user interface

Odoo CMS - a big picture



Q1 2019

Compatible with any existing hydraulic ICV, this tiny device enables unlimited zone count with only 3 control lines.


Q3 2020

A Bossa Nova™ standalone or add-on device that offers variable choke control of standard hydraulic ICVs.


Q4 2020

Chemical inhibition conveyed to the functional components of an interval control valve provides flow assurance for well life.

Patents are filed and subcomponent qualification is underway, with system integration testing completed in Q2 2019. Contact us to request project updates and witness our upcoming system demo.

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