Entech Organizational Announcement

Reinforcing a new phase of commercial growth
October 14, 2019 by
Entech Organizational Announcement
Entech Solutions AS, Anthony Kent

As Entech ramps up on commercial activities, Geir Stokke will be taking on the role of Production & Delivery Manager, effective immediately. Kenneth Tunes, previously CFO, succeeds Geir as CEO.

As PDM, Geir will execute Entech’s global supply chain strategy; this includes the growth of our approved supplier network, streamlining the manufacturing/delivery process and continuous improvement of our quality control procedures. His expertise in manufacturing and operations will ensure our growing customer base enjoys timely deliveries of exceptional downhole technology.

Geir is one of the founding partners of Entech and served as Chief Executive Officer during the startup phase. He is responsible for the establishment of Entech’s ISO-certified and API-compliant management system, laying the groundwork for the successful launch of three game-changing product lines. 

Kenneth Tunes, previously Chief Financial Officer, will succeed Geir as CEO of Entech as the company enters a new phase of growth. Kenneth’s primary mandate is to execute the company’s commercial strategy, ensure the availability of key resources and maintain accountability in our growing organization. His executive leadership skills will position Entech for the commercialization of many exciting new technologies. 

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Entech Organizational Announcement
Entech Solutions AS, Anthony Kent October 14, 2019
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